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Manhattan Mercury

A man, his father and the Kansas City Royals

Wed, 6:00 PM

Joe Johns of Manhattan has a special connection with the Kansas City Royals that started with his late father, James Johns. It was James who introduced Joe to the Royals as a child, and it was James who was a fan of the Royals before they were the Royals. From 1955 ......

Animated ‘Book of Life’ found entertaining

Wed, 6:00 PM

“The Book of Life” begins with a group of detention students arriving at the museum. Apparently on an unsupervised field trip, the guide’s joy at delivering the final tour of the day turns to despair when he sees the students arrive. The intimidated tour guide is relieved when Mary  ......

Cameron: Royals have history on their side

Wed, 6:00 PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Your magic carpet ride is over, Royals fans. It hardly every seemed possible but, yes, you’ve actually reached that spot on the treasure map marked with an X. You’re here, but you’re not alone — and NOW you actually have something to lose. It’s ......

Commission OK with current pool subsidy

Wed, 6:00 PM

City commissioners said they are fine with the current level at which the city subsidizes its pools despite declining revenues. They also did not suggest a rate increase. The Manhattan City Commission held a work session on Tuesday to discuss the aquatic facilities year-end report. Revenue at the city’s ......

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